The Association of Russian-speaking Coaches - ARC

Association is created for the development of coaching profession and coaching industry on the basis of the "Coach" professional standard in Russia and a Russian-speaking community all over the world.


1. Implementing the "Coach" professional standard as a key element of business practice for the coaching market in the Russian Federation and the Russian-speaking world.

2. Creating professional credentialing system for coaches, accreditation of coach-training and continued professional development programs based on the "Coach" professional standard, and developing regular coaching supervision practice.

3. Representation and protection of common and professional interests to achieve socially useful goals, as well as other not contrary to law and non-commercial nature.

4. Enhancing management effectiveness in organizations by mobilizing decision-makers potential, implementing and applying the techniques of coaching in the Russian Federation.


The ARC mission is the development of professional coaching in Russian language and developing coaching practice for solving socially important issues of Russian society.


The ARC is the community of professional coaches and coach-competent specialists aiming at the integration of professional coaching in social practice in Russia and Russian-speaking world.